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Image steganography is a technique that attackers use to hide a secret piece of text, malware, or code inside of an image. 

Steganography is a technique that hackers will continue to use to conceal their malware because of how difficult it is to detect. Image steganography will definitely be used by hackers to hide malware in images because there is no way to tell if the image contains malware or not without further investigation.

Article link: https://www.linklinkgo.com/2022/06/a-steganography-how-hackers-hide.html

Sometimes hiding sensitive statistics in plain sight can be a first-class way to cover them. And in view that there are in all likelihood numerous pictures on your computer, why no longer use them to hide textual content without affecting the pictures and bobbing up suspicion? #hacker #ethical_hacker #Shorts_feed.